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Mobile Inspiration Centers


Mobile Inspiration Centers are Miha’s high-end Executive Business Gatherings for the Change Makers in your organisation.


Cultivate sustainable Inspiration practices in tandem with Innovation Labs.

Peer-to-peer Mobile Inspiration Centers are Miha’s High-End Executive Business Gatherings. Digital and Cultural Transformation Officers, Experts, Senior Executives, Change Makers and Influencers from different organizations and industries come together to meet their peers and work as a team on similar challenges regarding corporate transformation. The creative capabilities and highest potential of those present comes to full fruition. Participants are empowered to engage in productive conversations, prototype group innovations and dare new solutions within the safe environment of Miha’s Resonance Platform; in-company follow-up and implementation is possible.
Each event starts with a Sit-in Orchestra in an exceptional venue on a Thursday evening. Participants are immersed in depth, experience the structural flow of love and come in relationship to the musical masterpiece as organizational development. Friday morning, Miha takes over, masterclass mode, and gets them fully activated to the resonance platform level so as to be creative, productive and empowered to dare solutions the world expects today. The afternoon is dedicated to creative conversations, exploring innovation and working across industries. Networks are born that operate way after the participants have gone back.
Art Galleries, Museums, Castles and old Mansions with natural acoustics are architectural venues that get the opportunity to experience Art in a new role and dimension as a fundamental formative force in Business and Economy. You need magic to achieve transformation!

The Terra Parzival Inspiration Center is Miha’s High-End Business solution that takes place in the beautiful Terra Parzival landscape of Slovenia right in the heart of Europe. This Off-Site format is designed to reinforce the company change and transformation programs. It can be easily adapted to groups of young Entrepreneurs and Consultants or unique combinations of Change Makers and Influencers from different organizations, industries and cultures.  
The narrative of the « Outer and Inner Journey » based on the timeless story of the « Quest for Grail » is used as a fundamental concept. The event structure is built upon three pillars that intertwine all along to reach the « Resonance Platform »: the Miha Method, the Parzival theme as an archetypal story of modern leadership and philosophy, terraparzival.net.
Each event opens on a Thursday evening with arrival, the beginning of the story and getting to know each other. Friday morning starts with the Sit-in Orchestra inside Castle Ptuj. On Friday afternoon debriefing of the orchestra experience and deep conversations take place in the ruins of an ancient monastery. Philosophical and leadership issues are addressed concluding with a gala dinner in the Unesco heritage town of Ptuj. The Saturday morning agenda includes a silent morning walk through magical landscapes, a transformational experience inside the Trevrizent Cave and conclusion in the ancient Castle Borl-Ankenstein, the castle of Parzival’s ancestors. The event closes on Saturday noon.

How it works

All On-Request Events use the Miha Method with
add-on bonus sessions as part of a bigger client event.


PEER TO PEER (P2P) Inspiration Center
TERRA PARZIVAL (TP) Inspiration Center


Up to 100


Upon Application
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London, Vienna, Venice, Zurich,
Terra Parzival


Venue with natural acoustics, flexible seating, no stage.Orchestra and celebrity Orchestra Conductor of our choice, Violin Solo & Method by Miha.

Pilot P2P Inspiration Center

Miha Pogačnik’s unique artistry enables him to navigate across multiple fields from Business & Economy to Politics & Social Artivism to Culture & Education. The Miha Method is for individuals and teams in leadership positions such as CEOs, Executive Boards, Top Management Teams in Business and Government, Organisational Development Experts, Executive Coaches, Training Specialists and HR Professionals, Lawyers, Mediators, Ombudsmen, Social Scientists, Artists and Cultural Entrepreneurs.

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